90s style in clothing: back to the future

It is not only history that develops in a spiral, but also everything that fits into this spacious word. Take fashion, for example. Trends are constantly changing, and every season designers turn to the fashions of days gone by. So a style of clothing that was popular 10, 20 or 30 years ago becomes popular again. The nineties style has been popular for a few years now and it looks like clothing in this style will be around for another year or two. One of the reasons for the style’s popularity is its wearability and versatility. I have made a selection of images that trace the characteristics of the 90s style and are happy to provide this selection for your judgement.

Сестри Хадід обожнюють стиль 90-х в одязі
Hadid sisters love the ’90s style

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The Hadid sisters are the most famous lovers of 90s style. So it won’t surprise you that there are a lot of photos featuring them. And the list of things that can be conditionally attributed to nineties style looks like this:

  1. Black leather jackets;
  2. Oversized jackets;
  3. Denim overalls;
  4. Denim skirts;
  5. Mom jeans;
  6. Cycling shorts;
  7. Leggings;
  8. Bomber jackets;
  9. Clothes in lingerie style;
  10. Sports trousers;
  11. T-shirts with prints;
  12. Voluminous jumpers.

Black leather jacket

Do you remember those long leather jackets with voluminous shoulders? They were usually worn under jeans with a T-shirt or with long skirts and dresses. The black jacket was the favourite piece in the It-girls’ wardrobe and is definitely one of the iconic looks of the 90s.

Gwyneth Paltrow in schwarzer Lederjacke und grauem Rock
Gwyneth Paltrow in schwarzer Lederjacke und grauem Rock
Сара Джессіка Паркер в чорній сукні білизни і шкіряному жакеті
Sarah Jessica Parker in a black linen dress and leather jacket
Вайнон Райдер. Образ у стилі 90-х зі шкіряним жакетом
Winona Ryder. A 90s look
Джулія Робертс у джинсах та шкіряному чорному жакеті
Julia Roberts

And nowadays it’s no sin to try a look using a black jacket, but in its substitute fabrics. Luckily, we have plenty of options and they look just as good. However, you can also try your luck in second-hand shops and find vintage models. A 90s style look with a black jacket could look like this one:

Грубі чорні черевики, об'ємний чорний жакет та пухнаста сумка
Black boots, a black oversized jacket and a bag
Eine lange schwarze Jacke, die übergrossen Jeans und eine rote Tasche
A long black jacket, oversized jeans and a red bag
Високі чоботи, об'ємні штани та довгий чорний жакет

The model Bella Hadid holds the record for the number of looks in the style of the 90s. She wears a black jacket with baggy trousers or jeans and a top.

Белла Хадід у чорному жакеті, кедах та об'ємних штанах
Bella Hadid
For a clean look, choose a jacket without metal fittings and light-coloured details – you’ll get a versatile piece.

Oversized jackets in the style of the 90s

Long jackets with voluminous shoulders, double-breasted, often several sizes larger than necessary, were popular. And the most important thing: the jacket had to be colourful! Green, red, multicoloured – that’s the squeak of 90s fashion. Fashionistas loved to combine green jeans with a voluminous coral red jacket and it was chic… back then

Червоний жакет та зелені джинси Образ у стилі 90-х
Образ Джулії Робертс в фільмі "Красуня"
Сара Джессіка Паркер в об'ємному чорному жакеті
Sarah Jessica Parker

…and today we can play a little with the oversized jacket and get a modern jacket, but with a slight hint of the 90s.

Об'ємний світлий жакет, футболка та бежеві штани
A voluminous jacket, a T-shirt and beige-coloured trousers
Як створити total black look
Total Black Look
Синій об'ємний жакет, чорні лосіни та сумка з бахромою
Blue oversized jacket, black leggings and fringed bag
Коричневий жакет оверсайз, коротка спідниця та туфлі на підборах
A brown oversized jacket, a short skirt and high heels

A denim overall is an item from the 90s

Denim clothing filled the wardrobes of almost everyone in the 90s! Someone had fashionable denim skirts, someone had jackets, someone had several pairs of jeans, someone bought all the denim items they could find! Overalls were a bit more difficult. Some people were braver and immediately understood how they could integrate denim overalls into their wardrobe, while others were sceptical and proudly declared that this was workwear in the West. “So what?”, replied the brave ones, and they were right! Normally they wore overalls with T-shirts, caps and trainers, and sometimes they could also put on a bomber jacket or a thick jumper. Nothing special, but back then… it was cool back then!

Кеті Холмс у джинсовому комбінезоні з жакетом
Katie Holmes wears a denim jumpsuit with a jacket
Кадр із серіалу "Друзі". Еністон у джинсовому комбінезоні
Aniston in a denim jumpsuit starring in the TV series Friends

Today, not much has changed, except that dungarees are often worn with high-heeled shoes, classic jackets or blouses, see the photo:

Джинсовий комбінезон з клешем та блузка з квітами
A denim jumpsuit with a flared neckline and the blouse
Світлий комбінезон з деніму, чорне пальто та туфлі на підборах
A Streetstyle Look
Джинсовий комбінезон, футболка, кеди та панама
Джинсовий комбінезон, чорний довгий плащ та сумка на ланцюжку
Чорний гольф, лофери та світлий комбінезон з деніму

Denim skirts

The denim skirt made its debut in the 70s of the last century. It was made from old, worn jeans. The trend caught on – in the 80s it evolved into a denim pencil skirt and in the 90s it became part of high fashion. The Chanel fashion house liked to create collections in denim, and the skirts were the most important detail. Different styles were in fashion in the 90s: the most popular skirt was the one with a row of buttons down the front, but miniskirts and long skirts with a slit up the leg were also worn. Skirts were also worn over jeans!

Гвен Стефані в темній джинсовій спідниці поверх джинсів
Gwen Stefani in a dark denim skirt over jeans
Торі Спеллінг у джинсовій спідниці міді та червоному топі
Tori Spelling wears a midi denim skirt and a red top

Today denim skirts are combined with oversized sweatshirts (which are back in fashion, by the way), bombers, trainers or high-heeled shoes, T-shirts and shirts.

Джинсова спідниця на гудзиках та темний бомбер
Denim skirt with buttons and a bomber jacket
Довга джинсова спідниця, об'ємний светр та черевики
A long denim skirt, an oversized jumper and boots
Образ у стилі 90-х із джинсовою спідницею
Denim skirts were very popular in the 90s
Джинсова спідниця міді з розрізом, блузка з рюшами та босоніжки
A denim midi skirt with slit, ruffled blouse and sandals

Mom jeans

Today you wouldn’t surprise anyone with such a model… but back then… it was cool back then! Mom jeans are a high-waisted (or mid-rise) style with a long zip and baggy legs, but not like boyfriend jeans. There’s a whole story behind the name, but that’s not the point here. When this style first appeared, it was worn with loose jumpers and trainers – it was comfortable and practical. Mums in particular liked these jeans – they made it easy to go for walks and shopping with their children. Gradually, it-girls also started to look at the mom jeans and made the model a trend.

Принцеса Діана в mom jeans і біла сорочка
Princess Diana wears mom jeans and a white shirt
Джанет Джексон у джинсах з високою талією та чорному гольфі
Janet Jackson
Актриси серіалу "Друзі" в mom jeans
The actresses in the TV series Friends wear mom jeans
Джіджі Хадід у світшоті, світлих черевиках та джинсах мом
Gigi Hadid is wearing a sweatshirt and mom jeans
Джинси в стилі 90-х із середньою посадкою
Mid-rise jeans in 90s style
Укорочені mom jeans і плащ з деніму
Cropped mom jeans and denim mackintosh

Cycling shorts

Incidentally, the hottest trend for spring/summer 2024, cycling shorts are no longer just a sporty item of clothing. Some people wear them with jackets, high-heeled shoes and even cocktail dresses with a slit. Чорні велосипеди, коричнева сорочка та босоніжки
Образ із чорними велосипедками, білими кросівками та джинсовою курткою
Білі велосипедки, світлий жакет та в'єтнамки на підборах
Кім Кардашьян у чорних велосипедках та білій блузці
And this is how Kim Kardashian wears her cycling shorts
Об'ємний жакет, чорні велосипеди та туфлі на підборах
A jacket, black cycling shorts and high-heeled shoes

In the 90s cycling shorts were usually combined with oversized jumpers or sweatshirts, T-shirts, trainers or rough boots. Black cycling shorts were used as a base, but coloured cycling shorts were also worn.

Червоні велосипедки з червоною футболкою
Мелісса Джоан Харт у велосипедках у білий горох
Melissa Joan Hart in white polka dot cycling shorts
Принцеса Діана в білих велосипедках та толстовці
Princess Diana wore cycling shorts
Комбінезон з велосипедками та короткий різнокольоровий жакет


In the 90s, bright leggings were all the rage – turquoise, red, yellow, pink. They were worn with overlapping socks, oversized sweatshirts and tops. These looks were reminiscent of the 80s, but were completely new at the time. Black leggings were also chosen as a base, which were combined with jackets and oversized jumpers.

Модель Ель Макферсон у чорних лосінах та жакеті
Model Elle Macpherson wears black leggings and a jacket
Тайра Бенкс у чорних лосинах та джинсовій куртці
Tyra Banks in black leggings and a denim jacket
Джинсові шорти поверх лосінів

For a while, leggings were just sports or home wear, but trendsetters haven’t given them a chance to go unnoticed. In 2023, leggings have regained their popularity, which will continue in 2024. Here are some photos for inspiration:

Белла Хадід у чорних лосинах, білих сліпонах та коричневій куртці
Bella Hadid in black leggings, white loafers and a brown jacket
Кім Кардашьян у сріблястих лосінах
Kim Kardashian
Образ із коричневими лосинами та короткою дутою курткою
Brown leggings and a short puffy jacket
Спортивні сині легінси, черевики на підборах та ветровка
Sporty blue leggings, high-heeled boots and a windbreaker
Чорні лосини, об'ємний білий светр та бежеве пальто
Black leggings, a white oversized jumper and a beige coat

Bomber jackets

A perfect example of how dungarees are firmly anchored in the wardrobes of fashionistas as part of a uniform. The bomber jacket, also known as the “flight jacket”, was developed for the US Air Force in the 1950s. The bomber jacket was very popular in the 80s and 90s. Celebrities often appeared in bomber jackets at social events and, of course, in films. A women’s look in the style of the 90s with a bomber jacket is, for example, white, loose-fitting jeans, a light top, trainers and accessories such as a choker or several necklaces and aviator glasses. Add a small bag with a short strap and a baseball cap that matches the jacket. It’s easy to create layered looks with a bomber jacket – here are a few examples in the photo:

Образ в стилі дев'яностих із бомбером
A nineties look. Isn’t that too much?

How to dress for a woman of 50

Червоний бомбер, пальто в клітку та високі червоні чоботи
A bomber jacket, a chequered coat and high heeled red boots
Темні джинси та бомбер смарагдового кольору
Dark jeans and a green bomber jacket
Белла Хадід у зеленому бомбері та жилетці
Bella Hadid is wearing a green bomber jacket and a waistcoat
Образ в стилі 90-х: комбінезон, білі кеди та бомбер
90s look: jumpsuit, white trainers and bomber jacket
Сукня у білизняному стилі та бомбер оверсайз
Lingerie-style dress and an oversized bomber jacket
Олівія Палермо в бомбері та високих чоботах
Olivia Palermo in a bomber jacket and high boots
Бомбер та спідниця максі
Eine Bomberjacke und ein Maxirock

Kleid im Stil der 90er Jahre – ein Kleid im Dessous-Stil

Lingerie-style dresses, often with lace trim, made of silk or chiffon, in pastel colours, were very popular in the 90s. The daring looks of Kate Moss or Courtney Love immediately spring to mind.

Кортні Лав у світлій сукні, назвемо її так
Courtney Love
Кейт Мосс у прозорій сукні у білизняному стилі
Kate Moss in a sheer lingerie-style dress
Кейт Мосс у білій сукні-комбінації
Kate Moss 
Гвінет Пелтроу в сукні-комбінації, що переливається
Gwyneth Paltrow in a shimmering combination dress
Лінда Євангеліста у чорній сукні-комбінації та чорній футболці
Linda Evangelista in a black lingerie style dress and a black T-shirt

I like that the combination dress emphasises the figure without clinging, that it makes the silhouette look elegant, that it can be combined with both a leather jacket and a classic jacket, that it is a piece for the ages and that it can be jazzed up for any season. If you want to create a 90’s style outfit, you can go for a combination dress, add bracelets and necklaces (they are in fashion now), a trendy bag and statement shoes.

Сукня у білизняному стилі з футболкою та курткою
A lingerie-style dress with a T-shirt and a jacket
Чорна атласна сукня зі светром
A black satin dress with a jumper
Сукня-комбінація, об'ємна сорочка та кеди
A black satin dress with a jumper
Зелена сукня для білизни, жакет і черевики

Sporty trousers

In the 90s the sporty style became popular not only in men’s wardrobes but also in women’s wardrobes. Girls wore oversized jogging trousers and combined them with short tops and trainers with wide soles. Jogging bottoms were worn everywhere: at the disco, on walks and during training. The most popular models were Adidas and the grey baggy trousers from No Name. Keep them in your wardrobe, but now combine them with mules or high-heeled sandals and tops with oversized shirts.

Дженніфер Лопес у спортивних штанах Adidas та білому топі
Jennifer Lopez in Adidas jogging trousers and a white top
Мелані Сі в білому топі та синіх спортивних штанах
Melanie C in a white top and blue sweatpants
Брітні Спірс у білих об'ємних штанах
Britney Spears in white oversized trousers
Чорні спортивні штани з червоними лампасами
Black jogging trousers with red stripes
Блакитні штани Adidas з сорочкою в смужку та мюлі
Blue Adidas trousers with striped shirt and mules
Спортивні штани на заклепках
Sporty trousers with studs
Образ зі спортивними штанами, толстовкою та босоніжками на підборах
The jogging bottoms, a sweatshirt and high-heeled sandals
Сірі спортивні штани та білий топ
Jogging trousers and a white top
Чорні об'ємні спортивні штани, жакет та кепка
Black oversized jogging trousers, a jacket and a cap

T-shirts with funny prints

Of course, these are the world-famous (not) Titanic T-shirts, T-shirts with photos of the most popular performers of the time – Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, T-shirts with some colourful, ridiculous drawings and inscriptions. Tie-dye models were also in fashion, a colouring technique that suddenly appeared a few years ago.

Дрю Беррімор у різнокольоровій футболці з принтом tie-dye
Drew Barrymore in a multicoloured tie-dye T-shirt
Жовта спідниця, футболка в техніці тай-дай та кросівки
A yellow skirt, a t-shirt with Tai-Dai technique print and trainers
Модні образи 90-х
Fashion looks of the 90s
Футболка з Багз Банні - тренд 90-х
Bugs Bunny T-shirt – a trend of the 90s
Футболка у стилі 90-х - з молодим Леонардо Ді Капріо
T-Shirt im Stil der 90er Jahre – mit einem jungen Leonardo DiCaprio

At first glance, such T-shirts look tasteless, to put it mildly… but! You can trump them and turn them into a modern look that suits your mood, see the photo:

Футболка Nirvana - одяг для вечірки у стилі 90-х
Nirvana T-shirt – clothing for a party in the style of the 90s

To be honest, we don’t really like this look, but we’re showing it anyway:

Золота спідниця і футболка в стилі 90-х
Golden skirt and T-shirt in the style of the 90s

Bulky jumpers in the style of the nineties

To be more precise, oversized jumpers that look like they were taken from your father or grandfather. The pattern is striped or chequered, various ornaments. And in the fashion of the 90s, bright angora jumpers were a hit. As practice shows, oversize is always stylish and appropriate. Combine an oversized jumper with mom jeans and retro sneakers or a lingerie-style skirt in satin and high-heeled shoes. For a pure experiment, look for this jumper from the 90s in the sewers, second-hand shops or in the bins of your wardrobe.

Светр у стилі 90-х років
A 90s style jumper
Об'ємний светр у смужку у стилі 90-х
Oversized striped jumper in the style of the 90s
Об'ємний рожевий светр із брюками
Об'ємний синій светр і лосіни в тон

And what is a complete look without accessories and matching make-up? Accessories of the 90s are chokers, butterfly pins, voluminous plastic rings, hair dryers, watches in a transparent plastic case. 90s-style make-up includes lipstick a few shades darker than lipstick, black eyeliner and smoky ice, brown or cherry lipstick.

And which are your favourite items of the 90s style? Which looks do you like best in this review? Write in the comments, I am eager to know your opinion!

Julia Brajnik