Top 15 World jewellery brands

The world of jewellery is more serious than the banal sparkle of gemstones, the tantalising glitter of gold and tens of thousands of dollars for “that tinsel?!”. Jewellery brands are true mastodons in the fashion industry. The history of a good half of them is more than a hundred years old. So the unique history, charisma and signature of the best craftsmen can be guessed from the first glance at an eye-catching ring or a simple pendant. Edemweiss will tell you the most important and interesting facts about the world’s best luxury jewellery brands.

Swiss jewellery brands


Year of foundation: 1860

The company initially specialised in the manufacture of watches. But throughout the brand’s existence, the craftsmen have designed collections in almost every possible style: from retro to ultra-modern motifs, from minimalism to ironic animalistic looks. This is the main asset and advantage of Chopard, which we loved for its diversity. Happy Diamonds is one of the most successful current collections, where the jewels move freely under the glass.

Die Marke hat sich an jedem möglichen Stil versucht
The brand has tried to create in all the styles possible

de Grisogono

Year of foundation: 1993

Fawaz Gruosi, the founder of one of the most dazzling companies in the jewellery world, has a passion for coloured stones, while black diamonds is his passion. He spent his childhood in Florence, where he was trained as a jeweller. He had worked for Harry Winston and Bvlgary for some time, and at the age of 40 decided to start his own business.

The jewellery features spring motifs in rings with large gemstones, avant-garde shapes, pomp and futuristic ideas. De Grisogono is all about the ultimate in luxury. The accessories are colourful and bright; they tend to be large and rather excessive, weighing dozens of carats, and their clusters are often made up of precious stones. They are for women who take risks, who stand out and who dare to be the first.

Fawaz Gruosi war einer der ersten, der auf schwarze Diamanten im Schmuckbereich setzte

Fawaz Gruosi was one of the first to use black diamonds in jewellery

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French jewellery brands


Year of foundation: 1847

Cartier‘s French jewellery is synonymous with luxury and glamour. Just fancy that the crowns by Cartier have been worn by European kings and queens for centuries. The precious panther became a true talisman and symbol of success for the French masters. The brand’s iconic masterpieces include an 1888 ladies’ wristwatch and a Trinity ring. In addition to classic jewellery, Cartier also produces pens and lighters. The brand is also credited with the invention of the ear clip.

Das Roségold des Dreifachrings symbolisiert die Liebe, das Gelb die Treue und das Weiss die Freundschaft
The rose gold of the triple ring symbolises love, the yellow symbolises loyalty and the white symbolises friendship


Year of foundation: 1858

The company’s strength lies in its ability to transform extravagant and bold designs into much-loved classics. Boucheron‘s most recognisable features are the snake motifs, the chameleon ring and the ivy branches. The brand’s signature is reflected in coloured gemstones, oriental motifs, flowers and wild animals, feathers. The concept is based on extravagance, room for manoeuvre and the courage to make decisions. Boucheron was the first watch with an interchangeable bracelet.

In 2004, another icon of the brand was launched: the Quatre ring in rose, white and yellow gold, and in ceramic, which immediately became a cult icon.

The animal-shaped jewellery from Animaux Collection has become a talisman for many girls.

Die Efeublätter sind ein beliebtes Motiv in den Kreationen von Boucheron
Ivy leaves are a favourite motif in Boucheron’s creations

Van Cleef & Arpels

Year of foundation: 1896

Floral and faunistic motifs as well as fairy-tale figures are the brand’s calling card. Van Cleef & Arpels was a pioneer in many respects. They were the first to introduce a wristwatch with a hidden dial. The world was also once surprised by a zip necklace that could be worn closed as a bracelet. And the Ballerina and Fairy diamond brooches from Van Cleef & Arpels in the shape of dancing ballerinas and fairies are impossible to take your eyes off!

One of the most famous and at the same time most copied pieces of luxury jewellery in the world is the legendary four-leaf Alhambra necklace.

Die legendäre Alhambra-Kette ist nach dem Palast der muslimischen Nasriden-Dynastie benannt
The legendary Alhambra necklace is named after the palace of the Muslim Nasrid dynasty

Italian jewellery brands


Year of foundation: 1884

The Italian company with the name Bulgari was founded by a Greek named Sotirios Bulgari. In 1977, the Latin letter V appears in place of the U to symbolise the roots of the brand – there is no letter U in the Latin alphabet.

BVLGARI is the epitome of eye-catching chic and prestige. One of the most famous pieces of jewellery is a wide ring with an engraved logo on the bezel. The iconic collection is the Bulgari Serpenti Collection, which combines metal scales in gold and platinum.

Another iconic creation by the brand’s craftsmen is the Zip necklace. Taking a simple household item and giving it a radical new life, the Zip necklace combines sophistication and irony. The idea for this ring came from the Duchess of Windsor. In 1938, she advised Rene Pyissant, the creative director of Van Cleef & Arpels and daughter of Alfred Van Cleef, to create a piece of jewellery based on the design of the zip fastener. The necklace with diamonds in a platinum setting was presented a full 13 years later, in 1951. This technically outstanding piece of jewellery quickly became an iconic Van Cleef & Arpels creation.

BVLGARI‘s trademarks are the spirit of the Italian Renaissance, geometric motifs, Roman classicism, avant-garde and the use of multicoloured stones.

Beim Schmuck der Marke ist der Einfluss der italienischen und griechischen Schmuckschulen deutlich sichtbar.
The influence of the Italian and Greek schools of jewellery is clearly visible in the brand’s jewellery.

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Year of foundation: 1921

Gucci jewellery is the epitome of elegance, luxury and a casual philosophy at the same time. The first jewellery collection was launched in the early 70s, and in the 90s Tom Ford breathed new life into the Gucci jewellery line. The company’s designers play with precious stones and metals to create stylish accessories. They are expressive and original, but are also loved for their restraint and elegance. The iconic collections are the minimalist Bamboo, the stylish Military, Le Marché des Merveilles and the composite Safari Collection.

Die Stücke haben einen frechen Geist, ergänzen aber auch elegante Looks wunderbar
The pieces have a cheeky spirit, but also complement elegant looks beautifully


Year founded: 1919

Bucelatti was founded in Milan and had also become well-known in America by the middle of the twentieth century. In 2001, the company introduced jewellery watches to the world. Bucelatti was one of the first to present a series of jewellery cases for iPhones and iPads made of yellow gold and diamonds. The company also produces silverware. The brand’s masterpieces can be recognised by the precious lace, the combination of geometry and flowing lines, the characteristic texture of the metal, which is reminiscent of expensive fabrics.

Die Schmuckstücke von Bucelatti sind an den Metallen erkennbar, die eine besondere Textur aufweisen, die an die Oberfläche von Seide, Leinen oder Spitze erinnert.
Bucelatti jewellery is recognisable by its metals, which have a special texture reminiscent of the surface of silk, linen or lace


All of the Valenza-based brand’s jewellery is made by hand: from the design to the polishing process. This is why their creations are admired not only by the wealthy, but also by members of royal families. Damiani jewellery is mostly made with brilliant-cut diamonds. A new technique of diamond cutting, the lunette, which enhances the lustre, is also a merit. Damiani‘s engagement jewellery is a successful duo of classic and avant-garde, and Queen is the jeweller’s iconic ring. Prices for the brand’s silver creations start at €400, while the masterpieces in the exclusive Masterpieces collection – at €10,000.

Das Unternehmen erhielt 18 Auszeichnungen bei den Diamonds International Awards
The company received 18 awards at the Diamonds International Awards

American jewellery brands

Harry Winston

Year of foundation: 1932

The favourite brand of celebrities for the red carpets of film festivals. American jeweller Harry Winston created a company admired by the world’s elite for its sophisticated design that celebrates luxury. He recognised the marquise-cut stones, round and pear-shaped diamonds that looked as if they were gathered in a precious bouquet. In 1940, Winston introduced a pioneering setting in which the diamonds are set at different levels to enhance their lustre. Harry Winston watches are also an important category in the history of the brand. There are exclusive models with rich ornamentation, but also casual versions.

Harry Winston wurde in der Schmuckwelt wegen seiner Vorliebe für außergewöhnliche Edelsteine als 'König der Diamanten' bezeichnet
Harry Winston was known in the jewellery world as the ‘King of Diamonds’ because of his penchant for extraordinary gemstones

Tiffani & Co.

Year of foundation: 1837

A turquoise-coloured box containing the world’s most coveted engagement ring has girls’ hearts fluttering with excitement all over the world. The recognisable piece, set with a diamond studded with six doughnuts, appeared in 1886, and Tiffani & Co. became even more famous thanks to the cult film Breakfast at Tiffany’s, starring Audrey Hepburn.

Other iconic collections include Tiffani T with open accessories, Return to Tiffani with the characteristic heart pendant and Tiffani Keys in the form of precious keys.

Die Handwerker von Tiffani haben den Schmuck für The Great Gatsby entworfen. Spanische Schmuckmarken
The craftsmen at Tiffani designed the jewellery for The Great Gatsby. Spanish jewellery brands

Worldwide jewellery brands

Carrera y Carrera

Founded: 1885

The company’s history began as a family business. Today, Carrera y Carrera accessories can be recognised by their large formats, memorable colours, distinctive symbols of flora and fauna, exotic motifs, the song of beauty of soft lines and silhouettes, interest in oriental philosophy and the sculpture of the products. The early Las Manos (hands) and the modern Jardín de Rosas collections reflect the spirit of the brand. Carrera jewellery pieces resemble mini-sculptures and are worthy of being called high art.

Ihr Schmuck ist voller Ausdruck und intensiver Farben.
Their jewellery is full of expression and intense colours


Year founded: 1920

The Spanish brand began its history as a watch manufacturer, but developed into a jewellery producer in 1965. The teddy bear, the brand’s trademark, was born in 1985. It symbolises pleasant childhood memories. Lightness, flowing lines and bright, lollipop-shaped gemstones are characteristic of the brand’s jewellery.

Even with cocktail rings or pompous necklaces, there is no pretentiousness or excessive pretentiousness. That’s why they show youthful fervour and exuberant spirit. Tous’ calling cards are collections for family holidays, jewellery for couples and amulets for lovers.

Tous liebt es, leichte und fröhliche Accessoires zu kreieren.
Graff pieces are filled with luxury and scope of jewellery thinking


Year of foundation: 1960

The London-based brand is best known for producing uniquely coloured diamonds in unusual sizes and unique shades. As a result, its boutiques around the world offer a wide selection of truly exclusive jewellery. It is no coincidence that Graff is the official supplier of diamonds to the British Royal Court. Most striking in the collections are the floral, plant motifs and geometric accents. The brand’s craftsmen have a particular fondness for yellow gemstones and cocktail rings. Graff‘s diamond watches always surprise with their fantastic design and value. The Hallucination model, for example, is valued at 55 million dollars.

Graff Stücke sind mit Luxus und Umfang des Schmucks Denken gefüllt
Graff pieces are filled with luxury and scope of jewellery thinking


Year founded: 1896

Mikimoto Kokichi was the first company to patent the method of artificially cultivating natural pearls. Mikimoto is a legendary company that skilfully combines the elegance of pearls with the chic of diamonds. Mikimoto uses only 18-carat gold, platinum, diamonds and pearls, with silk threads serving as the basis for the necklaces. The range also includes classic pearl strands and unique pieces from the Rare & Exquisite collection, in which semi-precious stones sometimes take centre stage and pearls lend a necklace a special charm.

Mikimoto kombiniert gekonnt Perlen mit Diamanten und anderen Halbedelsteinen.
Mikimoto skilfully combines pearls with diamonds and other semi-precious stones

The best jewellery brands set the trend, become pioneers and surprise with every new collection. Their recipe is simple! Thousands of hours of work, years of effort and a relentless thirst for perfection have turned small workshops into giants of the jewellery industry. All we have to do is enjoy the masterpieces and learn to distinguish between jewellery that is made for the moment and creations that will last forever and that we want to pass on as heirlooms.

Anna Haraschenko