Spring and Summer 2024 Womenswear Trend Report

Let’s delve into the captivating world of Spring/Summer 2024 fashion trends based on the runway shows of Spring and Summer 2024.

Here are the ten most popular trends that graced the catwalks:

  1. Porcelain White
  2. Cherry Red
  3. Sky Blue
  4. Pastel Lilac
  5. Liquid Gold
  6. Sheer Everything
  7. Boyish Suits
  8. Massive Pants
  9. Statement Accessories
  10. Floral Prints

Porcelain White is a Trend in Spring and Summer 2024

This timeless shade makes a chic comeback. Saint Laurent reimagined its iconic 1967 Saharienne jacket as impeccably tailored shirts and trousers. Valentino showcased elaborate cut-out party dresses, while Standing Ground added a celestial touch with pearls embedded in layers of jersey.

Porcelain white sping 2024 trends mode

Porcelain white trend spring summer 2024
Porcelain white trend spring summer 2024

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Cherry Red Colour is in Women’s Fashion in Spring and Summer 2024

Fashion’s obsession with bright red has intensified. Sabato De Sarno’s debut Gucci collection featured a shade he aptly dubbed “Gucci Rosso.” Pencil skirts, blazers, and striking accessories all embraced this deep cherry hue.

Rick Owens also deviated from his signature black, showcasing flared trousers, bralettes, and statement stomper boots—all in red.

Cherry red color of trendy clothing spring summer 2024

Cherry red color of trendy clothing spring summer 2024

Sky Blue in Spring and Summer 2024

The soothing shade of sky blue dominated the dopamine dressing. Alaïa and JW Anderson created form-fitting designs that hugged the body sensually, with the latter incorporating cut-outs. Hodakova experimented with unconventional silhouettes, while Ahluwalia presented precision-cut separates in muted shades of blue. Bottega Veneta stole the show with a strapless dress adorned with meticulously placed fringes, complemented by an array of sky-blue accessories.

Sky blue color is popular in Spring and summer 2024

Sky blue colour is popular in Spring and summer 2024

Pastel Lilac is among of top popular in season SS 2024

Among the pastels, luscious lilac stood out. Designers embraced this dreamy shade, infusing it into garments and accessories. Whether it’s flowing dresses or tailored separates, pastel lilac exudes elegance and sophistication.

Pastel Lilac is in fashion in spring and summer 2024

Pastel Lilac is in fashion in spring and summer 2024
Pastel Lilac is in fashion in spring and summer 2024
Clothing in Pastel Lilac is in fashion in spring and summer 2024
Clothing in Pastel Lilac is in fashion in spring and summer 2024

Liquid Gold are in Vogue this Spring and Summer

Opulence reigned supreme with luxurious golds. Ralph Lauren and Alberta Ferretti’s creations shimmered in this regal hue. Whether it’s a golden gown or subtle metallic accents, gold made a bold statement on the runways.

Catwalks are always kind of exaggeration, just let me remind you of that.

Looks in 90-s style in liquid gold / spring, summer 2024

Sheer Everything is a spring and summer trend 2024

Transparency took center stage. Designers played with sheer fabrics, creating ethereal dresses, blouses, and skirts. Peekaboo details and delicate layers added sensuality to the collections.

Translucent garments range from slightly sheer to transparent. This spring designers are incorporating them into collections for intriguing spring layering. Some pieces can even be work-appropriate, if the office dress code allows.

Sheer blouse for spring and summer 2024
Sheer blouse for spring and summer 2024

Sheer pieces can be made from materials like lace, tulle, chiffon or mesh. When styled correctly, they exude confidence, daring and class. Balancing proportions and considering colour palettes are essential to a successful sheer look.

Sheer dresses for spring and summer 2024
Sheer dresses for spring and summer 2024

Sheer fashion can be tastefully incorporated into everyday wear, evening attire, or formal settings. It’s all about embracing transparency while feeling empowered and expressing your personal style

Boyish Suits

Gender-blurring fashion continued its stride. Oversized blazers, wide-legged trousers, and tailored vests were styled with a nonchalant flair. Think borrowed-from-the-boys chic.

See how to pair blazers at the photo from a fashion show that took place in a park:

Boyish jackets on females 2024


Massive Pants

Say goodbye to skinny jeans! Wide-legged, billowy trousers stole the spotlight. From casual to formal, these voluminous pants offered comfort and style.

Massive wide pants 2023 2024

wide pants 2023 2024

Wide trousers are popular in spring and summer 2024

Here are three stylish ways to pair wide-leg trousers:

  • T-shirt

Opt for a comfortable t-shirt that complements the color of your wide-leg pants. Keep accessories minimal to avoid overdoing it.

  • Two-Piece Shirt Set

For hot summer days, pair wide-leg pants with a matching two-piece shirt set. Choose a patterned shirt carefully to maintain balance in your outfit.

  • Blazer

Blazer and Medium-Width Pants: Achieve an elegant look by pairing a blazer with wide-leg pants. Tuck in a simple t-shirt and let the pants reach just above the ankle. Add accessories like glasses or shoes for a unique touch.

There are more ideas of how to wear oversized clothing on the German page of the Ededmweiss.ch, you might like to have a look >>>>>>>>>

Statement Accessories

Bold, eye-catching accessories elevated every look. Oversized hats, chunky necklaces, and embellished belts made a statement. The motto? Go big or go home.

Here are some compelling reasons why accessories should be part of your wardrobe:


A woman’s wardrobe is often made up of basics, but it’s the accessories that change the look. Accessories allow you to change up your style without having to invest in a whole new wardrobe. What’s more, they’re often more affordable than clothes and can be worn several times per week.

Personal expression

Accessories provide self-expression. Whether it’s a bold statement necklace, a colourful scarf or a stack of bangles, these pieces reflect your unique taste and personality.

Elevate simplicity

Even the simplest outfit can be elevated with the right accessories. A printed scarf can add flair to a plain top, while a statement belt can cinch up a shapeless dress. They’re like the spices that add flavour to an otherwise simple dish.

A woman in a black dress, wearing statement accessories


In a professional environment, accessories can make all the difference. A sophisticated handbag, classic watch or elegant earrings convey professionalism and attention to detail.

Glam factor

Accessories add that extra touch of glamour. Whether it’s a pair of oversized sunglasses, a sparkling brooch or a luxurious silk scarf, they make you shine and feel fabulous.

statement accessories for spring and summer 2024

Floral Prints

Spring wouldn’t be complete without florals. Designers embraced blooming patterns on dresses, blouses, and skirts. Whether delicate or bold, floral prints added a touch of romance.

There is a detailed guide of how to pair printed clothing for a showstopper effect.

A sheer flower print blouse for spring and summer 2024

Floral printed dresses for spring and summer 2024

Remember, fashion is about self-expression, so feel free to mix and match these trends to create your own unique style!

Are there looks you would like to kind of try on for yourself? Tell me which ones!