How to dress and to make up for a woman of 50

We live in a difficult but interesting time. We will talk about the difficulties another time, but here I would just like to say that many conventions that imposed restrictions on women 20-30 years ago are now completely atavistic and ridiculous. If today you can even delay the onset of menopause and give birth at the age of 60, what prohibitions – what you can and cannot wear – can we still talk about?

And of course, if you think that the clothes you wore 20 years ago look just as good on you as they did back then, then close this page. But if you’ve recently pulled a favourite dress out of your wardrobe and think that maybe you shouldn’t wear it anymore, then read on.

My most important piece of advice for a woman in her 50s is: don’t hold on to an image that looked good on you 10 years ago. Don’t try to dress and make-up the way you used to: Certain looks have a negative effect on your appearance and can make you look years older.

Everything changes: time, fashion and, of course, women themselves. You can defend your right to stay the same, but wouldn’t that mean that a woman in her 50s doesn’t accept change and only looks backwards?

Kim Basinger is at the age of 25:

Kim Basinger in ihrer Jugend

The question “Can Kim look the same at 60 as she did at 30 or even 35?” – is rhetorical. She is no less beautiful today than she used to be, but at the same time, time has changed her, and to deny this fact would be to deny reality.

Kim Basinger jetzt

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Man’s basic wardrobe

How should a woman dress in her 50s?

Even if you have worn colourful clothes all your life, I recommend that you include pastel-coloured clothes in your wardrobe from the age of 50. You should simply reconsider the statement “pastel colours are not my thing”. Try on a pale blue or milk-coloured jumper, for example.

Das Model Cindy Joseph mittleren Alters trägt pastellfarbene Kleidung

Auf dem Foto – Beispielsets von Kleidung aus dem Kleiderschrank einer Frau von 50-60 Jahren in Pastellfarben:

Bilder in Pastellfarben für Frauen mittleren Alters

Wear white more often if possible:

Eine Frau mittleren Alters spielt die Hauptrolle in einer J Crew Werbung

Looks für Frauen über 50

It’s a good idea for a woman in her 50s to have a semi-fitted shirt dress in her wardrobe with a length just below the knee. You could pair it with leggings or trousers.

Hemdkleid an einer Frau mittleren Alters

If we talk about general recommendations, I advise all women, including young women, to have classic-style clothes in their wardrobe. You might complement the look with accessories.

Schöne Looks für Damen

Stilvolle Looks für Damen im klassischen Stil

The pencil skirt suits every figure, except perhaps the figure type called “inverted triangle”. With this figure type, the shoulders are wider than the hips. For women with this type of figure, I recommend choosing a full skirt.

Pullover, Rock und Schal an einer Frau in den 60ern

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Best decorative cosmetics brands

Fashion for women aged 50-60

Actually, fashion should be approached selectively at any age, not just at forty, fifty, sixty, etc. For example, if a tiger pattern is in fashion, then a handbag with this pattern is quite enough to show others that you know your way around fashion trends. But if you like this tiger pattern, then you are welcome to wear it. The tiger or leopard print has long since ceased to be seen as something special and has almost lost its place in the ranks of the predators, so to speak.

Frau mittleren Alters in einem Rock mit Leopardenmuster

It’s entirely possible that you’ll opt for an oversize-style outfit like the one pictured below. Big earrings? Yes please! It is only desirable that they match the rest of your jewellery.

In addition, original earrings can transform a boring look into a stylish look. For example, if you were in a hurry and quickly put on your favourite jumper in combination with a pair of jeans, complete the look with complex earrings!

Oversize-Look an einer älteren Frau

Tweed is in fashion? Don’t miss the opportunity to dress like a lady.

Look im englischen Stil

In the photo – a sample wardrobe of a woman aged 50-60 by fashion designer Carolina Herrera:

Foto –,

Bilder für Frauen im mittleren bis ehrwürdigen Alter

And of course you should take Ines de la Fresnge’s words to heart: beautiful, stylish everyday shoes are a must!

What should women NOT wear after 50?

  • Between the ages of 45-50, it’s best for women to avoid Indian-style tunics with large, bold patterns. The exception is if you are travelling to India and have bought a few tunics to wear there.

Now, I mean, I can’t and won’t forbid you from wearing anything, but writing my opinion here and (many other stylists) I think is mandatory.

  • For women in their plus or minus fifties, I recommend avoiding revealing necklines, backless dresses and maybe a mini skirt, at least a very short mini skirt. Showing off your body in your 50s and 60s can look more like a request than a challenge.

I don’t know about you, but I’m in favour of the look in the photo on the left:

Welcher Look besser ist?

  • Women after 50 years old are forbidden to wear see-through clothing.

Well, I can’t ban you. See-through clothing is not the same as a red light. If you want to wear them, sure. But I couldn’t help but write what’s a paragraph above.

  • And skinny jeans in combination with a short top is not the best choice.

Again – it’s up to me to write what you should and shouldn’t wear – the decision is yours.

Jeans für die Damen

  • I would not recommend wearing knee-length boots (if you count from the foot or the ground). But if you like such boots and they match the rest of your outfit, of course no one has the right to forbid you!

Welcher Look gefällt Ihnen besser?

  • Women of this age should not wear pearls in combination with earrings: firstly, it’s a cliché, and secondly, it’s old.

Twenty years ago, there was an opinion that neon-coloured clothing was taboo for a middle-aged woman. Now this statement is irrelevant. If you have, say, a favourite jumper in bright carrot colours, why not?

With a little black dress or a black suit, I recommend a brightly coloured accessory. This can be anything from a scarf or stole to a large piece of jewellery.

Kleid für eine Frau mittleren Alters

Ines de la Fresange in einem schwarzen Anzug
Ines de la Fresange in einem schwarzen Anzug

Stripes on clothing are always on trend. Just remember that horizontal stripes visually lengthen the silhouette, vertical ones – narrow.

Cocktailkleid an einer Frau in den Vierzigern

Buy cheap and expensive things and mix them: expensive posh items will add you a couple of years of age.

Stilvoller Look für eine Frau mittleren Alters


Modische Frauen im Alter

Make-up, hairstyle and general care of a woman in her 50ties or 60ties

First of all:

  • A good hairdresser and good hair styling products have no age limit.

Die Bedeutung von Make-up und Frisur

  • A manicure and well-groomed eyebrows are the basis of the perfect look for a woman of any age.
  • When colouring your eyebrows, only use brown pencil and never black. Use a soft pencil to give your eyebrows the right shape and blend them properly.

Wie man sich als reife Frau richtig schminkt

  • When applying make-up, mature women should emphasise their eyes rather than their lips.
  • To emphasise the eyes, the eyeshadow should be the same shade as your eye colour, but lighter.
  • It is better to apply mascara mainly to the upper lashes, the lower lashes should only be lightly tinted.
  • For women after 50, I don’t recommend dark lipstick colours: they age you. Use lipstick in shades of pink and coral.
  • If you use lipstick, make sure it matches the colour of your lipstick.
  • Apply blusher to your cheeks and not to your cheekbones. Like the colour of your lipstick, the shade of your blush should not be dark.
  • Use a daily nourishing and moisturising cream for women 50+ or 60+ years old. Change the brand of cream regularly: the skin gets used to it and the effectiveness of the cream diminishes.

Eine gut gepflegte Frau im Alter

The secret of youth and beauty by Catherine Deneuve

  • In her opinion, women need to eat right after 50. It is important to include as much fruit and vegetables as possible in their diet.
  • When asked “Why don’t French women get fat?”, Catherine Deneuve replied that this is probably because French women always refuse dessert and eat a salad with a small portion of meat for lunch and drink a glass of wine.
  • Collagen creams should be used 2-3 times a week. If you use them every day, the skin gets used to them, stops producing them and the ageing process is only accelerated.

Take good care of yourself and stay beautiful!