A story about a dog, a boy and his mum

There are four people in the lift: a mother with a boy, a woman with a white fluffy dog and me. The boy is five or perhaps six years old.

All of a sudden the boy says to his mum:

– I know what I’m going to buy myself with the money I got for my birthday!

– What? – asks mum.

– A dog!!! – the boy replies. He smiles. It seems he likes the idea that has just come to his mind.

– It will live on the street, – replies the mum in a steady and kind of emotionless voice.

The boy seems not to get what she’s just said.

– What do you mean? I say I’ll buy a dog!

– Yes, I can hear you. You’ll buy a dog and it will live on the street, – she says in the same flat voice again.

– But why?

– Because it won’t live with us, that is why. Do you understand?

I wish you could have seen the way the dog’s owner looked at the mother. However, it is only me who saw this glance, not she.

Why didn’t she just tell the kid, “We can’t have a dog right now, and there are reasons for it”?  Instead she preferred to hurt him with her words.

Poor boy.

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