A story about chicken thighs and a married couple

There is a man in his late sixties near the case with products in a butcher’s shop. By local standards, he is dressed quite stylishly and perhaps even rather expensively – navy jeans, a good sheepskin coat and a pair of quality leather boots. He takes out his cell phone, calls his wife and says to her with kind of enthusiasm:

– Lenusya!* I was wondering if I could take a chicken thigh instead of wings. Or even two thighs…

– [I can’t hear what she says in reply.]

– No! Very nice chicken thighs! – and, turning to the saleswoman, asks her if they’re fresh.

She assures him they were delivered just an hour ago. Fresh, exactly. Naturally, they are fresh.

– Lenochka*, sure they are pretty fresh! Will you cook them together with the wings, eh?

[I can’t hear what she says.]

– What do you mean – who’s going to eat them?! Naturally I am!

[I can’t hear what she says.]

– All right, then. Bye, then. I’ll be there soon.

(I’ve already bought everything, but I am doing my best to pretend I haven’t.  I’m curious to see how things develop and my fingers crossed for a happy ending.)

– Madam, may I have eight wings, please”, – the man says with a sigh.

His bossy bitch wife just didn’t let him.

a hen and a rooster AI generated

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There’s no moral to this story.

Except that some women are so bossy, and some men are so subservient.

And God sometimes matches them, just for fun.

*A diminutive, affectionate name from Olena

Pic are AI generated